Hey I'm Ameera I cool I'm wassup so WASSUP!!!


when you’re babysitting and the kid won’t eat their veggies


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What’s your worst habit? Biting my nails.

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make me choose - dinahtwerkin: asked: camren or laurmani

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@camilacabello: i could hold u forever

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what did the rope say to the other rope?


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biggest plot twist in cinematic history

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caterpillars have more muscles than humans but i’d like to see one try to fight me irl and see what happens

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favorite otp (2/?) » sterek
"You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you, but you need me to survive. Which is why you’re not letting me go."

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make me choose between two things meme:
 made me choose between: claire holt or candice accola
"It’s always weird when you see a movie, and there’s no reason for someone to, like, jump on stage and be a singer, and then they just do that… But if it came organically, I would grab that mike and jump on stage for sure."

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